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Operate a long distance transport / haulage business without owning any vehicles – recession proof!! 

Yes you can……………
.....if you have the know-how, which we supply.

The world has been in one of the worst recessions in history, but at last the economists are beginning to signs of a small recovery.  Gold is trading at nearly $1800 and heading for $2000, the highest ever.  A strange situation but a reality of the world we live in.

If you have a lot of spare cash, now is the time to get into gold on the stock market, but like everything in life you need experience and lots of money, otherwise you will lose your hard-earned cash-or , you could get into a business with minimal up-front investment that has the potential of huge profits. What’s more, this business is recession-proof!  Long distance transport is one of those businesses that, even in recessionary times, is still needed to transport millions of tons of products to and from the harbours, factories, mines and farms to destinations all around the country and the world.  The goods transported could be for local consumption or for that of neighbour countries.  This service continues day and night every single day of the year.

How to start a transport business.

We have developed a foolproof concept that allows you to run a business irrespective of downturns in the economy; this can bring in unbelievable profits for those who are prepared to grasp this opportunity.

Like any legitimate business there is a certain amount of effort required to make your operation successful.  For a small outlay of (R393.00 ZAR) you get all the documentation you need, in a format that enables you to customize to suit your own businesses name and circumstances.

We even show you where to find thousands of names and contact details of sub-contractors with trucks eager to make use of your business, and also where to look for the names of companies requiring vehicles to transport their goods.  Just look at the huge volume of long distance trucks travelling on the roads from ports to various destinations and back again, to realize the magnitude of this industry.  Most of these companies need brokers to find the loads for them and this is where you come into the picture.  This industry is so large that it can never become over-traded and once you are known in the industry as being an honest broker, the work will continue to come to you.

From the many thousands of businesses that require transportation for all manner of goods, you will be able to select the ones that suit your business.  Your task is to make large sums of money in the process.  The whole process is done with only a few telephone calls.

Your overheads and administration costs are limited to the absolute minimum because you work from home, and depending on which country you operate from, you could also receive great tax deductions. 

We have mentioned a small outlay of(R393.00 ZAR) which is minimal compared to what we could charge for this information which would be in the region of $10 000, but you benefit from the economies of scale because we use the Internet.  The cost of the intellectual property we supply you with is equivalent to many thousands of dollars.  But because we make use of the internet, we can reduce the cost dramatically and you can set up your new business with an initial outlay of only (R393.00 ZAR).

The beauty of this business is that it can be operated by young or old, male or female, from your home anywhere in any country.  Education levels are not important as anyone with common sense can make a success of this business.  It takes only a few hours each day to build up a very successful business.  Once you have the system working it can operate even when you are away on holiday – we’re sure you’ll afford many of these once your new business is up and running!  You don’t even need to give up your day job when you start off, but once you see the potential we have no doubt you will want to make it your full-time business.

With this business there is no limit to your earning potential because the more effort you put in the more you’ll earn.  Only you can be the driving force to great earnings.  A few hours a day of dedicated hard work will lead to BIG returns.  Some of our clients report monthly earnings in the region of $10 000.  Just convert this to your own currency and you’ll see what great earning potential this opportunity has.

We reiterate that we cannot run your business for you and that the results will come from your own efforts, but as Business Brokers we create the concept and give you the tools to set yourself up.  With very little effort and expense you can be operating within days.  The price you pay is a once-off amount of only (R393.00 ZAR), which is equivalent to a restaurant meal for two or a good pair of jeans, but neither of those can give you such a great opportunity to change your life.  You don’t even need a computer to operate as a successful broker, but once your business is up-and-running you’ll be able to afford the latest state-of-the-art office equipment.

We send you all the necessary documentation via email to enable you to conduct your business immediately.  This also allows you to make whatever changes are necessary to personalize your business by inserting all your own details on the forms.  The documentation supplied explains step-by-step how to start, run and expand your business which has unlimited financial growth potential.  We offer a complete package whereby you will become a successful transport broker/consultant for only(R393.00 ZAR).

With dedication and effort, the more sub-contractors you have to transport the loads, the more money you can earn to build wealth beyond your wildest dreams.  As an example:  if you were to use just five sub-contractors each doing only two return trips per week between the ports and main cities the potential earnings would be approximately $10 000 per month.

Limited Special Offer:

  • If you purchase this offer within the next seven days we will include a 30-page bonus list of transport companies and load-users free of charge.
  • Our second free bonus offer is a 30 page Business Plan.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.
The Cargo Link Administration Team
R393.00 ZAR.

Payment confirmation by SETCOM Monster Pay . Please provide a valid email & physical address. We make use of a secure payment system and adhere to strict policies of ethical conduct. We accept payment via SETCOM Monster Pay(secure) for VISA and MasterCard. As an alternative email us for our bank details and provide your delivery address and contact numbers. We will send the bank details and once payment has been made will post the whole package to help you get the competitive edge when you want to start your own transport brokering business.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it¹s potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own cheque in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a guarantee of earnings.
Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using the product, ideas and techniques. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on your skills and time and effort you devote to the programme. We cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.


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