Start your own cargo company in South Africa

The time is now if you want to start your own cargo company in South Africa because most companies require goods shipped via road transport. You will fill a niche in the market without the requirement of a large initial capital lay-out.

It is the perfect home business opportunity suitable for the person interested in making 15 to 20% of everything transported through their client companies. Think about it – everything in your grocery cupboard had to be transported in some way or another. The vehicle you bought came on a truck to the inland from the harbour. The hi-fi, television, appliances, and furniture were transported by truck to the retail outlet where you bought it. You can now start your own cargo company in South Africa without the need for a fleet of vehicles.

Why reinvent the wheel when there are already hundreds of cargo transporters? You will be their contact with the clients. Simply put, both the client requiring cargo shipping and the transport company need you.

We show you exactly what you need to start your own cargo company in South Africa, from the documentation required to the business plan, full concept, contacts, client, and transport company lists.

It has never been easier to start and manage a cargo company focussed on brokering services in South Africa than now. Simply read our information page on how to start your own cargo company in South Africa and take the next step to financial freedom. You could be running your own highly profitable transport service within 48 hours.

Author: Isebell Gauché (2014)

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