How to start a freight broker business

There is a lot of scope if you want to start a freight broker business and the good news is that you don’t need all that much capital. If you purchase the guide on how to start your own transport company available from us, you will get every bit of detail relevant to the South African market.

For now let’s look at the role of the transport broker. When you start a freight broker business you will not need packaging and all kinds of equipment since you will only be responsible for bringing the client and the transport company together. As freight broker you find quotes and the most suitable trucking company to handle the shipment of goods on behalf of the client.

Is there a need for a freight broker business in South Africa?
The answer is a resounding yes! For one, clients don’t want to shop around for the best prices and services. They simply don’t have the time and thus contact the freight broker who has connections with a network of transport companies to get the most suitable trucking company at the most affordable price.

Where will you get the connections to trucking companies?
We provide you with a long list of trucking companies with their full contact details ready to do business with you. It is an extensive list which will take the sourcing out of the equation.

How will you know which one offers what?
As you develop relations with the trucking companies you will get their pricelists, destinations, and info on how many trucks there are in their fleet. You will build a profile of each over time and thus make future work easier for you.

Where will your freight broker business get the clients?
This once again is where you will benefit from the guide on how to start your own transport business as we already provide a long list of clients. This will give you the competitive edge required. It goes without saying that the level of service provided by the freight broker business will determine whether the clients will return for more assistance. It is thus important to make full use of the opportunity to get loyal clients by offering quality service. We also show you how to get more clients in future.

What is the next step?
Simply read our information page on how to start your own freight broker business and follow the instructions on how to get your own guide.

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