The secret shared about owning a transport brokering business

Fact: South Africa is the country with the most advanced road network on the whole of the African continent. Another fact: More than 80% of all goods transported in the country are done so through the road network. One final fact: 30% of road freight is carried out by haulage companies. Where do the above leave you? It leaves you with the best transport brokering business opportunity ever!

Still not convinced? Consider that around 7% of the GNP is spent on transporting of freight and also consider that almost 70% of road freight tonnage is carried by companies that transport the goods in the course of their normal business operations.  For a business to be successful there should be a market. In a country where most goods are transported by road, you will have the market for the best possible transport brokering business opportunity.

Another factor that makes a business successful is the minimization of costs and the maximization of profits. With the complete transport brokering business opportunity, you will have exactly that – low input and operation costs and high profits. With excellent commissions paid by haulage companies to find haulage clients, you will have no lack of income or clients.

What is the secret?

The secret is to know where to find the haulage companies and clients. It is also about knowing how to negotiate contracts, terms & conditions, tariffs, and commissions. You will not need to have a large labour force or even one truck for that matter. All you have to do is to bring the client and haulage company together and handle the admin and you are on your way to becoming a big player in the transport brokering business. View our page on how to break into the transport brokering business and take the first step to owning a lucrative business.

Isebell Gauche (2014)

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