Become a transport consultant in South Africa

If you have a bit of background in courier services, have worked in any trucking industry, have been an agent or have a knack for negotiating tariffs and want to start your own company you should read on. It is now possible to become a transport consultant with minimal capital lay-out and grow your business quickly to become a power player.

Is there a demand for the transport consultant?

There certainly is in South Africa. There are many transport companies who need clients. You find the clients and make your mark-up of between 15-20%. Cape Town for instance, is often at the receiving ends of goods. Clients want lower rates from transportation companies and you will be the broker that will negotiate long distance hauling with the transportation companies. From the above it can already be seen that you will not have to carry the risk. The client pays you and you pay the transportation companies. The transportation companies will appreciate the work you bring in as a transport consultant.

Many small transportation companies especially the ones who have fleets of less than 15 trucks often struggle to keep the wheels rolling. If they don’t get enough clients, their trucks will not be serviced. They especially appreciate the role that you as transport consultant will offer. You bring the business; they keep the trucks in better condition and because they value the business will go for better rates and service.

Isebell Gauche (2014)

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