How to start your own business in trucking

If you have been working a nine to five job for a few years you would know that sometimes the mere thought of being able to start your own business especially in something as capital intensive as in trucking, may seem like a dream that will never become reality.

Truth is that most people think so and that is why there is a gap in the brokering of trucking and transport services, specifically in South Africa. Simply look at the traffic on our roads when you drive long distance and count the number of trucks you see on the road. A few years ago everything was still transported by train, but now is the time to start your own business in trucking. The reason is simple – There is a demand for long haul carriers since the rail services don’t fully function as should be the case.

There will always be goods to carry and there will always be a need for carriers. The gap lies between the client that needs transport services and the trucking company that needs to keep the loads coming. The trucking company doesn’t have all that much time to find clients, and frankly the clients don’t know where to find the best hauling companies at the most affordable prices for their specific goods and destinations.

We are not talking small freight here. We are talking big business and more than 800 000 clients already in the wait. What you have to do is fill the gap.

You will become a trucking broker and will thus be able to work from an office or your home. You will have no trucks, but you will have your own trucking company. It is time to make the change from dreaming it and making it true.

Isebell Gauche (2014)

Get an extra income. Start your own Business.

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